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Sardardham – Building Construction Project

Ahmedabad is developing as a prime educational center of the country. Here students come from the far villages to aspire better job and make their dreams come true. Along with the self-development, they come to study for better family status, social proud and national services. Sardardham is determined to help such aspiring and patriotic students by providing the facility of training, boarding and lodging. All these facilities are made available at reasonable rate to afford every student. It is our aim to develop confidence, better sociality, fearlessness and real sense of complete education. Thus, the premier aim and object of Sardardham is to provide Hostel facility to 2000 students at first phase. As we all know that this is not possible without the support of society. By the end of the 2020 a huge building consisting of five blocks with four blocks for 1000 boys and 1000 girl students are going to build in the land of Ahmedabad while another one blocks are specially designed for Civil Services (GPSC and UPSC) aspirants, Revenue Guidance to Farmers, and Legal Guidance and other social activities are the main motto of the organizations.

Global Patidar Business Summit (GPBS-2018 – 2026)

Sardardham is organising Global Patidar Business Summit (GPBS) under Mission 2026 to provide an impetus to socio-economic development of Patidar community.

Key Features
  • Attendance by 10,000 representatives from 32 countries
  • More than 300,000 visitors
  • Exhibition of 500+ stalls mirroring the progress of the Patidar community
  • Attendance of prominent leaders from the corporate world
  • Special address on financial growth aspects by the prominent experts
  • Exclusive business networking facility for Patidar youths through the B2B portal
Key Objectives
  • To facilitate internal and global alliances of small, medium and large enterprises of the community
  • To nurture and support new entrepreneurs in the community
  • To impart training and provide respectable employment to the educated youths in the community
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Global Patidar Business Organisation (GPBO)

Global Patidar Business Organisation (GPBO) is established by bringing together 10,000 top-notch industrialists of the community in pursuance of Mission 2026 established by Sardardham. Besides, GPBO will support in formulating government policies at various levels and making necessary amendments therein.

Key Objectives
  • To develop mutually beneficial relationship through networking
  • To create, nurture and support new entrepreneurs
  • To provide respectable employment to the educated youths in the community
GPBO will support the business fraternity by organizing
  • Motivational programmes
  • Training programmes
  • Sector-specific B2B meetings
  • Events focusing on strategic global alliances, state-of-the-art technology and developing modern business perspective


P2P Network established by GPBO will serve as an excellent networking medium for patidar business persons based in villages, cities and foreign countries. The entire business community spanning small traders to big industrialists can register themselves for this network. P2P online network will provide definitive platform to promote your products and services. Besides, the P2P network will facilitate your direct contact with suppliers regarding your raw materials and other requirements, and help you to get high quality products & services at reasonable rates.

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UPSC & GPSC Training Center

Growth is essential for ever individuals. Majority of youth wants to join as an IAS or IPS officer by clearing UPSC-GPSC examination. But having poor infrastructure, proper guidance and insufficient facilities in the rural areas, they are unable to face the exam properly. With a view to provide complete infrastructure and guidance with proper training, Sardardham signed MoU with the sister concern organizations like Kelvanidham and Umiyadham. These two dynamic organizations supports and provide over all facilities including training, lodging and boarding to those students who are living in remote rural areas of Gujarat.

Affiliation with following organization by Sardardham for UPSC/GPSC examination Training. Where UPSC/GPSC Training Classes run.

Student Scholarship Project

If the rich class of the society directly helps the poor, no word left for imbalance in the society. With a view to helping poor student by rich family, Student Adoption Program is run under direct charity. At least one family takes the responsibility to teach one poor will be example for many. This way many shining students belong to under privilege families gets open way in the career without any economical hurdles. Under this scheme, students are given educational loan without interest and worries.

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Sardardham Revenue Guidance Centre

Majority class of the society is connected with agriculture and animal husbandry. Many times agriculturists have to face the disturbance due to antisocial elements and land mafia in the local region. Sometimes poor and illiterate farmers are incapable to take legal action against such elements. Thus, first time as a part of social movement, Sardardham organized ‘ Sardardham Mehsul Margdarshan Centre ( Free Revenue Guidance). Retired IAS officers and Revenue officers regularly guide the farmers and direct them legally. Here, farmers are getting guidance to free their land legally and get the permanent solution of the agricultural land.

Sardadham Legal Guidance Centre

Sardadham Legal Guidance Centre is helping those who needs legal guidance in family issue or civil issue. Many families facing legal issue take the advantage of Legal Advice Centre and solve the issue. Organization special nominate leading lawyer to guide and help the society.

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Entrepreneur Training Centre

Twenty first century is the century of information and knowledge. Today new generation aspires for better and free life through innovation and entrepreneurship. Sardardham, through GPBS and GPBO organizes various seminars and debates to promote new faces in business. With the help of veteran business personalities, motivational speaker, business and corporate trainers come on the stage and guides the thousands aspirants and enthusiastic businessman. Along with successful business, soft skills, attitudes and ergonomics are also important. Businessmen across the world belonged to community are the backbone for this historical business activities. Recently, Global Patidar Business Summit was just the small example of successful event.

Sardardham YuvaTej-Tejasvini

Sardardham YuvaTej-Tejasvini a group of youth is always ready to help the society at every front. We know that a big organization requires money and infrastructures, but that is insufficient without the efforts of youth. We are lucky to have such big group of youths who perspire for the society. We have such big group of youth who have modern ideas, broad understanding, deep rooted nationalism and cultural ethics. Our every event is colorful and successful with the effort of such genuine youth circle.

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Sardardham- Ek Vichar Magazine

‘Sardardham- Ek Vichar’ is a magazine with the object and thoughts. It is the intellectual body of the organization which covers every event of the society and caters the ideas of great Indian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Swami Vivekanand. Sardardham magazine connects families, readers, societies, communities and groups. The talks of business, talks od success, talks on motivation attracts every reader to wait for the next issue. Every cornered businessman of the community sitting anywhere reads Sardardham-EkVichar magazine and informed with every event. It is not only the magazine but the cultural bondage of the society. Well known Gujarati columnists like Swami Sachchidnand, Chandrakant Baxi, Jay Vasavda, Gunvant Shah, Kaajal Oza Vaidya, Sudha Murthy, Narayan Murthy are the prestigious part of magazine.